How Well Do You [Want to] Know Timoth?

  1. In a certain dull period of his life, timoth would pass the time by doing all of the following EXCEPT:

  2. What is timoth's favorite quote?

  3. Timoth divides the young from the old based on the memory or lack thereof of which historic event?

  4. Timoth grew up in:

  5. Timoth is most passionate about:

  6. Timoth has stated that he would like to erase all of 80's pop culture from history, saving only:

  7. Timoth is morally opposed to the purchase of:

  8. What is timoth's attitude toward the potential catastrophic collapse of the economy leading to the downfall of all of civilization?

  9. Timoth does not date because he is:

  10. According to timoth, the "best thing ever" is:

  11. Where does timoth most hope to visit someday?

  12. Timoth is most self conscious about what part of his body?

  13. Favorite mode of transportation?

  14. Favorite Book of the Bible?

  15. Favorite legendary creature?

  16. Favorite drink?

  17. Favorite work of classic literature?

  18. Favorite song that he wrote?

  19. Favorite *title* of a movie?

  20. Favorite "fictional" band?

  21. Favorite color?

  22. Who is timoth's biggest hero?

  23. How would timoth describe the relationship between God and himself?

  24. What is timoth's dream job?

  25. Timoth can't ______

  26. For years, timoth has discreetly hidden and denied having a decidedly un-Christian tattoo on his:

  27. Timoth has phobias about all of the following except:

  28. Timoth has seen which one of the following popular movies:

  29. Does timoth like you?

  30. Is timoth joking?

  31. The answer to this problem is "c":

  32. Timoth most longs for: